Ron Cooper
Audiosound Laboratories

After an illustrious 55 years at Audiosound Laboratories HQ in Curl Curl, NSW, Ron Cooper is now providing bespoke audio design from his home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Recipient of 8 Australian Design Awards, the Audiosound Laboratories founder worked closely with his friend and mentor, the world-famous engineer and researcher Mr. A.N. (Neville) Thiele who wrote over sixty international engineering papers on loudspeakers, filters and amplifiers before his passing in 2012.

Ron Cooper is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, a conservatorium-trained musician, music lover and a practising member of the Amateur Chamber Music Society.

No matter how careful I am choosing who I play with or building my new studio,  I’m very aware that at the end of the day, everything we’ve done will be heard through whatever studio monitors I’ve chosen. That’s why only my Audiosound Labs Prague 8047s will do – I wouldn’t trust anything else.”

James Morrison 

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