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This moderately priced,
medium-tower, floor-standing
loudspeaker system is a
smaller version of our popular
Motet 8015 which received an
Australian Design Award.

The Galaxy-1 features dual, symmetrical rubber edged, low
frequency bass drivers, with a computer correlated design enabling
an extended bass response which has a -3dB. point, below 40Hz.

This is as improvement on deep bass performance of many separate
sub-woofer systems without the greatly added cost and complexity,
as well as providing much greater sound transparency.

Further, for valve amplifier fans, a special version
with 15 ohm impedance is available to order at extra cost.

The Audiosound Laboratories Galaxy - 1 system offers depth,
clarity and overall realism usually associated with much higher
priced speakers. Further, its efficiency means that even good quality
low-powered amplifiers are capable of producing very satisfying sound
when driving speakers.

Apart from the choice of drivers, this high level of performance
from such modestly priced speakers is due to the elegant, equalised
cross-over/filter system which divides the level and frequency of the
sound between the various speaker units.

Although this system is a floor-standing tower design, it has similar
tonal balance to other smaller loudspeakers in our range. This is very
important for professional users where both large and small speakers
are used for monitoring purposes.

Dual Bass Drivers - We are not into gimmicks. Most multiple
speaker systems create more problems than they solve when it
comes to sheer clarity and naturalness, but they do have tremendous
sales advantages! The purpose of the dual bass arrangement in the
Galaxy - 1 is to increase power handling and efficiency. Extra speakers
in a box will not give extended bass, but less! This is because if you
add an extra bass driver you then only have half the available enclosure
volume for each speaker. So to get back to the same bass response you
would need an enclosure twice as big. However, by using a very elegant
floor standing column design of relatively modest dimensions, this greatly
extended bass comes from using a much larger box than would normally
be used for speakers of this size.

This has enabled us to redesign the bass parameters by computer
correlation and modifying the "Q" of the bass speakers to obtain
a vented alignment which enables such deep bass to be reproduced.
A further advantage of this vented alignment is that the cone movement
of the bass drivers for a given power level is considerably lower which
not only improves power handling but improves distortion as well.

The overall bass response is even lower than some higher priced
"popular" systems employing a sub-woofer (a separate larger box
to handle the bass sound only). With the Galaxy -1 there is no fussing
with such complications; just feed each speaker in the normal way for
stunning sound on all kinds of music from pulsating rock, a massive
Mahler symphony, or the detail of a string quartet. The bass drivers
incorporate aluminum voice coil formers which act as heat dissipaters
to handle the power demands of digital audio, including rock, and home

The Treble Unit - The high frequencies are handled by a new
wide-dispersion, 25mm. polymer dome-unit which operates from
a high-slope, 18dB/octave, 3rd order filter which gives better
protection to the tweeter from damaging lower frequency components
in music signals. In addition, a two position level control allows for subtle
balancing of high-frequencies in different acoustic situations.


Sensitivity :  88 dB. 1 watt, 1 metre
Amplifier Power Range:  20 - 80 Watts RMS
Nominal Impedance:   6 ohms (min. impedance 5 ohms)

Cross-over/filter:   Multi-element, equalised, with air-cored coils
and star point common wiring.
Modified 3rd. order 18 dB./ Octave H.P. filter for low -distortion
treble response.
Two position Switchable H.F. level control for room matching.

Dimensions:   1 metre high x 215 mm. wide x 315 mm.
Cabinet:    M.D.F. simulated wood-grain in Black, or Mahogany.
Weight:    14.8 Kg.

148 Pitt Road, North Curl Curl, Sydney, N.S.W., 2099, Australia.
Phone/Fax: (02) 9938 2068, + 61 2 9938 2068