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Linz  8066A

Linz 8066

3-way, Studio Monitors.

Awarded the
Australia Design Award.

The Linz 8066 features a 3-way, time-aligned
design, for accurate studio monitoring and home use.

Extended bass to -3dB @ 32Hz.

Extremely rigid crate-brace enclosure for very low colouration
(reviewed as better than Quad Electrostatics!).

Fully felted front baffle with friction-fit grille - no clips.

Phase / impedance EQd crossover, with air-cored coils,
fine adjustments for midrange& treble.

Complete with attractive raised plinth
which places enclosure at a slight upward angle.

"Listening tests confirmed that this is a very fine loudspeaker.
In fact, in a direct comparison with (both) the original and the
latest Quad Electrostatics, the Linz 8066 was preferred by this reviewer ".

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