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Minuet 8033A


Control Monitor.

High-performance monitor for small studios and control rooms
where wide range accuracy and phase coherence with extended
low frequency performance are of prime importance over sheer
power ability.

Featured in the 8033AB is ASL's UNIQUE WORLD-FIRST
comprising a high-slope, precision,
hand-calibrated (24dB/Oct) Thiele / Linkwitz crossover / filter.

Whilst offering exemplary music detail, the 8033AB is
also excellent for critical assessment of Audiophile amplifiers
(both solid state and valve), CD players, D to A converters and
esoteric analogue audio etc. Further, they are an excellent tool for
evaluating microphone technique & phasing as well as comparison
of recordings in critical audio / studio applications.

Near-field lobing has been virtually eliminated.

"Bass reproduction is the minuets special glory - pure rolling thunder
that goes
down to an earthshaking 35 hertz without a flicker.....
Sub-woofer bass without fuss"

Sydney Morning Herald

Please note: this is NOT a sub-woofer system !!